Last week on November 8th, Barrio Bites held its first fundraiser to raise money for our program’s t-shirts during the Preparatory’s community night.  And we didn’t do too shabby!  Grossing $75 dollars, Barrio Bites served up some delicioso lizole, a non-traditional vegetarian/vegan pozole, to parents, students, and Prep staff under the sleeping sun/waking moon that illuminated the beautiful community gathering.

I had prepped one gallon of pozole the night before since we had limited time between the end of school (3pm) and the start of service (4:30), as well as the vegetable stock for the second gallon.  However, the students worked hard to get the second batch ready as they sanitized stations, rinsed the hominy, chopped mushrooms and limes, organized cashiers’ table ($3 per bowl), measured out condiments (oregano, feta, lemon basil, cilantro, crushed chile de arbol), and more.  And, or course, they cooked the second batch, tasting and seasoning as they went to ensure it was just as good as the first batch.  They watched the onions sweat, but not carmelize too much.  They inhaled the fragrance of freshly minced garlic.  They squeezed in just enough fresh lime juice to add a kick of acidity.  The good news?  We sold out of both gallons and we had to turn people away! A huge success for the kids; they worked hard, and they earned their money.

We will be returning to pizza-making after Thanksgiving (the kids just made their first-batch of pizza dough!).  Hopefully, we can sell some fresh pizzas, since we still need additional funds for the t-shirts.  But overall, the night perfectly encapsulated Barrio Bites – kids having fun cooking and bringing their community together with some nutritious, delicious food.